Folge #3

Wenn Du Fragen hast oder selbst gern deine Geschichte erzählen willst, dann Maile mir:

Get Out Your Comfort Zone

Many interests. A lot of countries visited. Technologically skilled and straight forward-looking. Natasha has so much to tell.

This cast is about the passion of socializing and meeting people. Different cultures approach in various ways to strangers. There is a lot to learn for us all.


  1. Talk to people, no matter who they are
  2. Don’t see differences as a barrier, see them as a way to enter a conversation
  3. Travel!

To get in touch with Natasha, just Email her

Why put a ferret in a particle accelerator? Find out here. These are things she is interested in 😉

“The Leipzig Glocal” is a Web Magazine about International People in Leipzig. If you are interested in meeting people you maybe should check it out.

Another opportunity to improve your language skills is to visit a “Sprachendabend” at the Villa Leipzig. Every tuesday at 8pm you can meet people and get into a conversation

Another Facebook Group is the Leipzig Expats group. Here international people meet and chat. Use it as a first approach. Your are very welcome!

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